Children, the spirit is calling

Can you hear its voice, children? In the most honorable ways, I call us children! I pray, that we, find ourselves impressionable, vulnerable, and willing to learn what the spirit is teaching. Our Community, I believe is in a revival of sorts. God is, through God's spirit, placing a new hope, excitement, love, into the inhabitants of this great community! The feeling of walking into a space of celebration, a time of joy and jubilation, is the feeling I hope floods our hearts, every time we walk through the door. I pray that we are praying constantly, that God would pump hope, and laughter into our hearts, at the mere thought of our gathering with one another. This Church is our playground. I play that all of us children are ready to explore, learn, take risks, and most of all, love one another without fear! I love you all so much. My prayer is that the love you experience within this family would spill into all parts of your lives. I pray that you would be whole, fulfilled and that you know how very valuable you are. 

Love, Pastor Jermell