Pastor Jermell's July Reflections

Dear Shining Ones:

It's summertime. The weather is changing. It’s so much lighter, so much later. I gazed outside a few evenings ago, assuming that at such late hours the sun was in bed. To my surprise, the sun was shining with no sign of a sunset. I thought, “no matter how I think this should go, the sun will not set until it’s ready.” Imagine if we were such pillars of light that we allowed nothing to get in the way of our shining. When the sun rises, NOTHING can stop it, it is so high that NOTHING can get in its way.

There has been something rising in me lately. What has been rising in me is a desire to speak even louder; to do, even more; and marry my speech to my actions before God, and God’s people. With so much going on in the world, we, those who are brave, and intentional about spreading God’s love, must rise. We are Just celebrating Independence Day. Unfortunately, chains of slavery are just as present as they have ever been. I would like our community, each one of us, to channel the prophet inside of us. I would like us to take this freedom, to the world, to every interaction we have with every person we meet. We also just celebrated Pride. For a month, we unapologetically stood in the faces of adversity. We stood proud, making darkness see us. Let’s keep doing the work. Let’s look even deeper, get even more uncomfortable, and let our little lights come together to create a sun that doesn’t go down because someone thinks it should, but a sun that shines, no matter what time of day it is.

I love you all!
Pastor Jermell