Pastor Jermell's Reflection

Hello, Loved Ones, 

This is the time where we are searching for leaders who will represent us and whom we can trust with our vision for a more just and loving world. Our current national administration, for me, doesn’t really provide the hope that would cause me to think we ALL actually want this,  “MORE JUST AND LOVING WORLD” that I speak of. Power never lies in one person, it always is pushed through systems, possessing the one, or few who will allow it to, who will be used by it. How are we leading? How are we using our power, our privilege to be intentional about this “JUST AND LOVING” world we want to see? I’m afraid that by the time the wickedness we experience in our administration, becomes this visible, it has been totally taken over by powers, dedicated to unraveling what spaces like ours have worked our buts off to put together. Does that stop us from working? No, we are held accountable, for keeping the faith. We must believe that the basic standards and access to life we have, should be available to all. I have been watching the debates and a phrase came up, “wish list economics”. I thought about how now, basic ways of living have become, too basic to understand. Freedom, justice, equity, and equality are now being categorized as things that only exist on our liberal “wish lists”. 

This is my prayer for our shared spaces and thoughts in the world: 

Teach us to be un-taught. Show us the road less traveled, helping us to shine a light on the way. Teach us how to be brave, hopeful, vocal, and strong. Teach us your ways kind, God. Teach us, that until we all are free, none are free. Wrap us in your love, from the white house to our separate houses. Remind us, as the holy wisdom of the Bible does in Psalms 127, unless the LORD builds the house, the builders labor in vain. Unless the LORD watches over the city, the guards stand watch in vain.

I love you all! 

Pastor Jermell